Giant Anteater

Until a few weeks ago I had a year's pass to London Zoo. On the week it was running out I went twice to say goodbye to this Giant Anteater. Below are some photos of him, a sketch and a rubbing and a couple of prints I did of him. It had been along time since I'd had my printing inks out and I felt like a play.

His inside home looks a bit drab but he had an anteater companion and a huge, quite private garden though I think he must dream a lot about his relatives in Latin America.

I found some information on:
which says that "The giant anteater does not sleep in any fixed place, instead curling up in abandoned burrows and hollows. It covers its body with its long, bushy tail to sleep." so perhaps this is why the zoo hasn't made much effort with his home - he is a wanderer by nature?