Ceramics - Scraffito Work

These are some pieces I've made over the winter at a ceramic evening class at City and Islington College at Finsbury Park (fantastic facilities and wonderful tutors). It's taken me eighteen years in London to finally get around to attending a class (every year I would think about it and end up doing something else!) I'm really glad I finally did as it seems I may be moving out of London - I just hope I can find a class or workshop or somewhere to fire and glaze my work wherever we go to live. As I'd love to add to this scraffito set that is based on dogs and dog related families.

The top one is based on a film I saw on youtube. CCTV in Chile filmed a dog knocked down on a motorway and his dog companion wrapped his arms around his neck and dragged him across three lanes of fast moving traffic to safety.

The wolves I sketched while watching a nature programme. On Saturday night I saw a family of foxes - two adults and three cubs - playing in our garden. I would like them to be the next plate.

I will post images of more ceramic work soon - before they get too broken or chipped!