Some previous illustration projects featuring dogs

"Talk to your Dog" by Susie Green
I loved working on this project and how it was possible to mix up quite dog-like drawings of dogs with others that were very anthropomorphic. The dog in the egg chair is drinking whiskey and ginger beer.

This was commissioned by a friend who was designing a brochure for the Bite Theatre Season at the Barbican in London. The illustration was to tie in with a circus event in a giant tent in Victoria Park. However the budget was really tight so David persauded me to do it by offering the possibility of drawing dogs rather than people on the trapeze!

I'd forgotten about these and can't remember the name of the book. Just a little step by step on how to wash a dog.

This was for a Barnes and Noble day by day calendar for 2007. The project involved drawing 365 illustrations to go with a quote for each day of the year. This one was, "Being followed by a strange dog is generally considered to be lucky...."