Above are some more ceramics from my winter evening class (mentioned here /trinanewwork/2009/06/ceramics-scraffito-work.html ). In the summer term I went to a course focussing totally on glazes - which I found fasinating even though it felt like a throw back to school chemistry! I was hoping it would help me gain a clearer idea of how to get the colour results I wanted as some of these ones hadn't turn out as I'd hoped. (the deer outline on the top one - with the pagoda - just faded away and the bottom one I was hoping for blues and browns but everything just came out brown!)
What I came to realise is there are so many variables it's hard to have control over the results until you become either very experienced in handling lots of glazes or just focus on a couple of glazes and always use the same technique. I haven't decided yet which way I'd like to go - but probably the latter!