Birch Tree Bag for BlueQ

A week or so ago I received some samples of the bag I illustrated last summer for BlueQ. We were staying at our friends' house when I was working on the project. They have a long thin garden with apple and fig trees and a vegetable patch at the end. For three mornings in a row a squirrel came to the garden - I think he though I might need a model - because on the third day he tap-tapped with his little paw on the patio window! When I finished the project I didn't see him again.

The other lovely thing about doing this project was it was a collaboration with Hallie a freelance designer based in New York. It was my first time of communicating on a project using skype - talking can sometimes be so much easier than writing and it's so nice to feel you know someone a bit by the end of the project. Hallie doesn't have a "complete website" as yet but I love her front page just as it is.