Real Simple Wedding Book

I've worked on the annual edition of this book for three years now. The first year involved creating these tiny little line drawing icons which are used as chapter and column headings.

Then in 2008 I produced flower drawings as a guide for brides when choosing their bouquets.

In autumn 2009 I drew these wedding dresses and necklines. It was fun to do - it's a long time since I've drawn such romantic dresses. And it brought back memories of being eight years old and driven out in to the Scottish countryside to paint on a Sunday afternoon. Too cold to venture from the car my dad sat in the front painting the rural landscape before him with watercolours whilst my Mum read and my brother in the back with me drew an imaginary urban landscape with a ruler and I drew a sheet full of Victorian girls in wide skirts with nipped in waists and lacing up boots and muffs. I think my dad possibly wondered why he'd taken us!