Backgrounds for Fly Origami Fly

I loved working on this project last year. It's a book on how to make origami flying objects - planes and rockets but also kites, birds and animals and flying toys. The origami is designed by and the book written by Mari Ono and her son Roshin.

It's published by Cico Books, for whom I've been producing illustrations for nearly ten years. Sometimes when you work for people they can only picture you being able to do what you already do, however I'd shown Cico some styling I'd done for a photographer friend and they asked me to make and style the backgrounds for the book; simple paper and card environments for the origami objects to inhabit. I really appreciated them giving me the opportunity to try something new and combine my passions for illustration, making and styling.

It's strange how cutting cardboard and using glue can bring such joy!

Above some shots of the book containing photographs by Geoff Dann, a couple of works in progress and a view of my kitchen table mid project!

Last month I worked on a sequel which was even more fun than this one! Will show some images when it's published later this year.