Illustration for Selvedge Magazine and Memories of Little Grey Rabbit

Above is an illustration for Selvedge Magazine. I think it was for the issue before last  - to inform readers of all the different opportunities there are to connect with the magazine.

Lately I've been trying to have a clear out of old magazines but my few Selvedge ones I've bought over the years definitely won't be going in recycling! It's such an inspiring magazine, and I love the size and paper, I know that I'll want to refer to them in the future.

And below a buttercup repeat using the hive idea.

I've always been intrigued by hives since seeing this picture in "Little Grey Rabbit's Birthday". One of my most loved books from childhood and probably the book that made me decide at six years old that I wanted to be an illustrator. Margaret Tempest was the first illustrator I could name and I still adore her work. I particularly loved looking at the endpapers and still dream about living in this house in a forest!

Now I need to clean the blue ink off the glass on my scanner!