20 Ways to Draw books

The two 20 Ways to Draw books I illustrated are now available in several languages - including Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Italian, Korean and Japanese! There is also a version out of the Butterfly book called  "Draw 500 Winged Things" and one coming soon called "Draw 500 Amazing Sea Creatures".


20 Ways to Draw a JellyFish

My second drawing book for Quarry Books was published last month. This one was all about sea creatures and I loved the opportunity to study sponges, anemones, rays, walruses and all sorts of sea creatures I didn't always know much about. The challenge of drawing each subject in 20 different styles or ways was also a really good exercise for me and has helped feed into my drawing since completing the book.

Editorial Illustrations for Bulletin Magazine

A recent illustration for Bulletin - a magazine for Speech and Language Therapists. It was a challenging article to illustrate about a woman who has the degenerative Huntingdon's Disease. I felt a huge responsibility to find a visual solution that wouldn't feel frivolous or flip. In a slightly abstract way I focused on the over all theme of the article  - the fastly diminishing extent and quality of her life but the continuing small gains and support she she was receiving .