New Collage with fabrics

This year I've been trying to make time to explore paint and collage. I seem to have to do it in bursts else our kitchen table would never be clear. So I've tidied everything away again for now but these are the pieces I've made recently. Along with old printed papers I've used a mix of fabrics. Old items of clothes I loved too much to put in recycling - including a dusky pink camisole with grey blue birds and pink floral knickers!  I've also used some of my own designs that I'd had printed up by Spoonflower and fabrics that had been sitting in my sewing box for years waiting for a new life.

This one is a sort of "Collage Collage" as it is made of two fabric swatches (plus some paper collage) - and one was a digital collage and one was a traditional cut paper collage of a beautiful glove shop I visited in Lisbon. I then had both printed as fabric swatches which I then cut up and made this collage from so collage to fabric and back to collage.