Lurzer's Archive Special "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide"

It sounds impressive but the reality of such titles is actually  "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide....from the selection of illustrators that submitted work"! However I do feel very happy to be included in this directory that comes out biennially. With illustrators featured coming from 39 different countries it seems like a truly international selection. And I feel incredibly honoured to be included amongst several illustrators I've long admired including Martin Haake, Andrew Bannecker, Olaf Hajek and Mark Smith. 


Collaged Animals

I took a wonderful online course in collage recently run by Mati Rose. It was over five weeks and each week was themed. These are my pieces from the week called "Creatures". I absolutely love working with paint and collage and would happily do it all day long.


Cards for TeNeues

These arrived in the post recently - samples from TeNeues of cards with my artwork that they produced as part of this summer's range. There are sixteen pink typewriter cards and envelopes in the box and the little gift cards have eight of each design. The dogs are trying to reassure an insecure cat and the bears are just standing around with balloons. TeNeues produce cards that have often caught my eye in the past so I'm thrilled to have my work chosen by them.


Italy map for swimwear

I loved doing the artwork for this project. I was even able to incorporated a couple of photos taken - one in 1986 when InterRailing around Europe and one in the summer of 2001 on a trip to the Italian Riviera. Makes lugging my heavy photo albums around from home to home feel justified! It was for an Italian textile company and I believe it is for swimwear.


Blooms of Nigeria

This flower is a response to a project called "Blooms of Nigeria", initiated by artists Rebecca Bradley and Janna Morton to raise awareness of the kidnapping of the three hundred schoolgirls in Nigeria. Each female artist involved has been given one of the hundred and seventy currently publicly known names of the girls and we were asked to draw a flower and their name. You can look at the rest of the gorgeous flowers here (more are being added each day) and read more about the project.


Typewriter Cards for Madison Park Greetings

Last summer I drew four typewriters and wrote about them here. These two have been licensed to Madison Park Greetings and some samples came in the post recently. I'm always so happy when the colours are spot on and love the matching acid green and turquoise envelopes.


Artwork for Angelic Healing

A highly illustrated book which gave me the opportunity to draw many of the things I love to draw including women, animals, flowers and nature. I loved the space and clean design of the pages.


20 Ways to Draw a Butterfly and 44 Other Things with Wings

This was a lovely book to work on last year for Quarry Books. It's a selection of forty five different  winged things, each drawn in twenty different styles or techniques or using different marks and tools. It's a book with space for the "reader" to also draw their own versions. It was one of those projects where I felt nicely challenged, and developing my own skills as I worked my way through it which made it hugely rewarding.


Little Notions in Uppercase Magazine

This was a submission I did for the current issue of the beautiful

Uppercase Magazine

on the theme of "Little Notions" - a term I didn't know  - for small sewing accessories. I liked how the words "little notions" also sounded to me like "little ideas" or "ideas of little children". Sometimes not having as wide a vocabulary as I'd like, can be useful as the misinterpretations can spark ideas!

Origami Farm

This is the fourth origami book by Mari Ono that I have worked on. I made and designed the paper backgrounds to create colourful environments for the origami animals. It's always fun to make these as scissors and glue are a refreshing change of tools from a pen or a mouse! I also really enjoy the days spent working with photographer Geoff Dann at his studio - it's really rewarding to work in a collaborative way and to leave home for the day!

50 Shades of Erotica

A double page illustration for Woman's Weekly on writing erotic fiction. The brief was to keep it looking pretty and not overly sexy. It was fun working to a long thin format and creating a writer's environment.

Moyo Directory

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to add a portfolio to the newly launched Moyo Directory.
I haven't updated my website for a very long time (I can feel myself cowering with shame as I type this!!!) so it was really refreshing to see all my recent work together. And it's motivated me to make plans to update my own site.

A little bit about MOYO from their website - 
"The MOYO directory was founded by internationally acclaimed surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor and award-winning entrepreneur Beth Kempton to connect designers worldwide with job opportunities, and provide a place to showcase their work in the company of other designers. Rachael and Beth are also co-founders of MOYO, the world's first online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design and the wildly popular design school 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design'."